27/10/2017 Institutional

Thinking about School-Family net

We invite Ms. Gloria Latorre to share this space of meeting and reflection with families.

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07/10/2017 Institutional

Interhouses kinder 5

A beautiful morning with the children in their first interhouses.

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07/09/2017 Institutional

2017 Interhouses – Secondary School

And the winner was…

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10/07/2017 Institutional

Speaking about communication

Our third formers visited the premises of the TV Pública, while developing an inquiry related to communication.

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Welcome to Washington School

For each and every member, Washington School is the perfect environment to build future; it is the field where those skills that prepare us for uncertain times are trained and developed. It is the perfect environment to learn about Peace and emotions, equations, Theory of Knowledge; to enjoy the taste for Literature and to feel the pure excitement towards experimental sciences. It is the place where we can use Spanish, English and Portuguese, not taking into account the Language we use but the choice of any of them with the conscience that languages are the tools to transmit concepts and great ideas. Washington School is a space in constant recreation. Come and get to know us all!

School Philosophy International Programmes
Axel Federico Wasserman Promotion 1996

I remember with great affection the years I went to Washington School, where I forged values that are with me up to today, like commitment, vocation to help, solidarity and responsibility.

Karina Abia Promotion 1992

The human and academic training, that contributed to my own personal and professional growth based on the values transmitted and the support of the teachers, directors and psychopedagogical team, always attentive to our concerns, all of that honors the school motto, according to my vision. This year is my 25th graduation anniversary and I celebrate it with pride.

Joy Zimmerman Promotion 2005

The school prepared me for any challenge, not only as a student, but also as a professional. I always felt I had the tools I needed to pursue my goals.

Camila Behar Promotion 2012

Besides the great academic level of this institution, Washington school makes the difference in the education in values. It’s given me a different way of looking at the world, from respect, diversity, awareness of the other and the notion that the foundation of an open mind lies in dialogue.

Trinity IB Cambridge English