18/10/2018 - Institutional

Washington School Day

A date to relive the past, enjoy the present and celebrate the future.

We celebrated our dear School’s 68th Anniversary with a touching ceremony in honour of its ninety-year-old Founder, Mrs Mercedes Mallo.

The celebrations started with a very interesting interview to Mrs Mercedes, who gave details about the School birth and other amusing anecdotes.

Kinder 5 moved us all singing “Imagine”, the song taken to the Round of Peace in the National Congress last October 5th.

When everybody was already touched by what had been done, a group of 2nd and 3rd year students (Secondary School), presented a play called “Mercedes”, directed by the actor, art director and Language and Literature teacher, Mr Mariano Taccagni.

A big thank you to teachers and family for their collaboration which let us go back to that October in 1950 when our Washington School was founded.

As in every party, we also had music, dancing and a great cake!